Members who need benevolent assistance or know of a member who does, should contact the Secretary Ken Bateman 01904 421445 or Regional Office 0113 201 4600


The work of the Yorkshire Benevolence Federation of the NASUWT is not widely known amongst union and RMA members. It provides an invaluable service for those of us who fall on hard times. Where does it get involved, confidentiality is of prime importance and details of what it does does not get publicity. Whilst we do not want to publish details of individual cases we should perhaps, advertise its services much more.

The YBF not only serves those still actively teaching but also serves former union members whether they are RMA members or not. The service to retirees has no age limit and even though a person has been retired for several decades the service is there for them. Whilst it is not too hard to inform serving teachers of its function, it is difficult to spread the message amongst retired members. The data protection laws mean the YBF cannot gain access to the names and addresses of retired members.

It would be easy to think that with retired members having both a state and superannuation pension they would not need financial support but attending the last meeting of the YBF I realise how easy it is for a person's circumstances to change suddenly and leave that person with a financial hole to fill. In the event of hardship being known a YBF visitor will make contact and where necessary a loan maybe offered or even a grant given to meet a need. Financial support can also be given over a few months to meet ongoing needs. The support does not have to be offered for the individual retiree but can also go to helping where a dependent or spouse suffers a mishap.

The officers of the YBF would like your help in spreading the word and finding where assistance is needed. If you know of any former NASUWT members who are not RMA members it is asked that you pass on the information above. More especially if you know where there might be hardship, then you could contact me so that I can ensure that the YBF is aware.

Ken Bateman
Yorkshire RMA