A variable deduction from the £14 RMA Subscrition is remitted  to the Federation of the RMA

Year 2019

£22 This is payable to the NASUWT by direct debit in April. £14 goes to the RMA and the balance pays for HQ services.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary life members of the NASUWT who wish to join the Yorkshire RMA pay £14 directly to the YRMA Treasurer.

Retired Members

Retired members who still pay subs to the national association can join the Yorkshire RMA by paying £14 to the YRMA Treasurer. 


Members taking phased retirement or who continue teaching after taking their pension should continue as full members of the NASUWT. This may involve reducuing their membership subscription to a part-time full membership as appropriate. 

 Retired Membership

Retired membershipn does not confer eligibility for NASUWT assistance u=in respect of any issuesa arising from continuing employment.