Services for Retired Members

All NASUWT members on retiring from teaching have continuing access to the following benefits irrespective of age and circumstances of leaving the profession and whether or not they pay a Retired Member’s subscription.
entitlement to NASUWT legal and professional representation and advice in relation to any matter arising from former teaching employment at a time when the individual concerned was in subscription paying membership of the Union;
entitlement to apply for benevolence assistance in the unfortunate event of the former member and/or his financial dependants experiencing hardship.
Subscription for retired membership
Most retirees choose to pay a small subscription to continue in membership of NASUWT as a Retired Member. Inform the NASUWT Membership Department at Rednal of your change of status. You will be sent the relevant letter of invitation to join and your subscription will be collected by direct debit, as before.

NOTE : If you intend to continue to teach either as a supply teacher or in part-time, you need to ensure you are fully legally covered by paying the discounted level of NASUWT full membership. Again, inform Rednal.

Retired Members will become members of the RETIRED MEMBERS’ ASSOCIATION in their area. There are now 32 R.M.As. in the UK(2011) with others likely to form.