NQT Induction, Rights and Responsibilities in the Context of COVID 19

NQTs: Your rights

Know your rights

Advice from Rob Barratt NASUWT Doncaster Association Local Secretary.

If a situation arises which may bring you into dispute with a Colleague, a Headteacher, a Parent or anyone else please remember:
Do not make a statement to anyone, unless you have sought advice from NASUWT.
Contact your School Representative, your Local Secretary or The Regional Centre or the National Helpline.
Remember to have your membership number available.
Regional Centre Details:
Telephone: 0113 201 4600 or
Email: rc-yorksandhumb@mail.nasuwt.co.uk

Mike Jones

What you should be getting……?
 A teaching timetable that is no more than 90% of other mainscale teachers in your school.
 An experienced NQT induction tutor, with QTS, who knows the NQT DfE Regulations and Statutory Guidance
 Clear personalised objectives with regular professional progress reviews that identify what you have improved on and what you need to develop further
 Excellent professional development including attending external and whole school training sessions, focused one to one support to meet individual needs and individual time to pursue CPD relevant to your identified points for development, including the chance to observe good
and outstanding teachers on a regular basis.
 To have regular formal lesson observations undertaken on yourself, with detailed verbal and written feedback to support your general development and the key objectives that you are working towards.
What to do if you think you are not getting what you are entitled to?
 Raise your concern with the induction tutor and make them aware of the relevant section of the statutory guidance document. Use your NQT Induction Guide to help you with this.
 Raise your concern with the Head teacher and quote the relevant section of the statutory guidance document.
 Contact our NASUWT helpline for advice on 03330 145550
 Contact the relevant person at the Appropriate Body who is in charge of induction and express your concerns. Email them your concerns to ensure that you have a paper-trail.
 Contact the senior ‘named person’ at the Appropriate Body who sits outside the induction process as required by the regulations.
What to do if you are told that you are in danger of not meeting the Teaching Standards
 Contact our NASUWT helpline for advice on 03330 145550
 Ensue you are clear about the areas that you need to improve on and what success in these areas looks like and how you will be monitored and supported to improve. You should have a clear action plan for development linked to the Teaching Standards.
 Gather any documentation on how you have been challenged, monitored, supported and assessed and keep recording this, and what is happening and not happening.
 Strive to engage in the areas you have for development and the professional development you are given (most NQTs make the improvement required).