We hope that you have a successful and enjoyable career in the teaching profession. Starting your first teaching job is a particularly nervous and tense moment. At the same time it's satisfying to throw off the restrictions which the training year placed upon you.


For the first time, good or for bad, these are your classes. It's very exciting about starting your first teaching job and although you will be very busy please do take some time to pause and to enjoy the process. If you set up your classes in a determined fashion and if you prepare engaging and interesting lessons then students will respond to you. If they don’t, then use the school’s systems. When they do you will find the job most rewarding.


 Inevitably there will be situations where you are unsure or find yourself with questions left unanswered please seek the advice of your NASUWT school rep or explore these pages and our FAQs header tab. 

NASUWT - Why Student Teachers Should Join

10 reasons why you should choose the NASUWT

Doncaster Partners in Learning

Our vision is to create a sustainable, inclusive and productive partnership utilising the expertise from across the alliance which will lead to the improvement of teaching and learning and improved outcomes for pupils across all schools within the Teaching School Alliance.

Tim Pinto Podcast

This is a podcast for ITT colleagues on e-safety and issues about keeping themselves protected when they start their placements

Why do members join the NASUWT?