Workload and Marking

Pointless Planning Problem?

Read the NASUWT document which includes information from Ofsted and DfE. 


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Dear Member

Excessive workload and marking and assessment policies

As you are all too aware, one of the greatest concerns of teachers is excessive workload. Eighty-six per cent of teachers now say that this is the issue which is blighting their professional lives and adversely affecting their health and wellbeing. This figure has risen year-on-year since 2011. The NASUWT action short of strike action instructions, which can be found at, have provided members with some strategies to combat the increasing pressures and without these the situation would have been even worse.

However, it is increasingly evident that a key driver of workload is debilitating and unprofessional marking policies with complex assessment requirements, which do nothing to enhance teaching and learning and divert teachers from being able to focus on pupils. Three quarters of teachers now say that this is the main driver of workload.

At the NASUWT Annual Conference, held at the beginning of this month, a motion on marking policies was passed unanimously. This can be found Conference also passed a resolution which stated that 'Conference affirms its full support for the National Executive in escalating industrial action in response to any further attacks on working conditions, including and especially unacceptable marking and assessment policies that give rise to excessive workload.'

I am, therefore, now writing to advise you that the NASUWT will be issuing notice to your employer, as required by law, in accordance with the provisions of our current lawful national action, that NASUWT members will be issued with the following instruction to empower them to protect themselves from the excessive workload burdens generated by inappropriate marking policies.

'Members are instructed to refuse to comply with any marking and assessment policy which generates excessive workload and/or has not been agreed with the NASUWT.

'Until such time as a policy agreed with the NASUWT is introduced, members will mark and assess pupils in a manner consistent with the principles set out in the Union's guidance.'

This instruction will take effect from 6 May 2015. Members should not implement the instruction before that date.

The NASUWT has published initial guidance which can be found Please ensure that you read this guidance.