Ruby Jennings - Volunteer work  Tanzania 2018 

Ruby Jennings, Ridgewood School -work in Tanzania. A fantastic well done Ruby for all your efforts prior, during and post volunteer visit.

I am back from Africa now & just wanted to send an email about what I’ve done and some pictures. 

We spent most of our volunteering time working with schools in the various local communities that we visited throughout the month. We repainted a kindergarten classroom inside and outside, rebuilt the outside wall and built steps to make it more accessible in a town called Moshi. In the second camp (Tanga), we laid foundations for a new school that was being built closer to the village (so the children didn’t have to walk 10km to the nearest school). We spent our time digging trenches, carrying rocks, flattening the ground, laying the foundations and planing wood for the windows. In our 3rd camp at Ndarakwai, we helped preserve the local wildlife by rebuilding a waterhole ready for this year’s rainy season. Finally, at camp Manyara, our last camp, we plastered a building that, once the roof had been put on, would become another 2 classrooms for a new secondary school! 

All in all it was an incredible and once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful that Doncaster NASUWT helped make it possible through your kind donation to my fundraiser ball I held November 2017! 

I will send through some photos of my expedition on a separate email! Let me know if they come through okay. 

Thanks again,