Disabled Teachers Conference Report

Report on Disabled Teachers’ Conference June 2018
OK, I’ll come clean – I arrived at the conference hotel early on the Friday, and made the most of the pool and spa area!
After a dinner on Friday which gave us the opportunity to meet and talk to other teachers on the conference, we looked forward to the programme of events on the Saturday.
We started with an address from Patrick Roach, the deputy General Secretary, and as ever his words were inspiring.  He promises that the NASWUT will “challenge and confront disability related prejudice” and that new guidance is being developed relating to disabled teachers involved in bullying and harassment.  After his speech there was a chance for questions, and I raised the issue of Access to Work and the small number of applicants, asking him to address the issue of raising awareness through caseworkers and representatives in our workplaces.
A session followed where we were asked to vote in our answers to a range of questions. This data will be used to support the direction of the support for disabled teachers in the future, guiding the focus of the union’s work.
We then had a choice of workshops, and I enjoyed an insightful session on Body Language, and, a session on Pay Equality.
Overall the conference was a great success, and it offered the chance to network with teachers, sharing experiences and developing the role of the union in supporting disabled teachers.


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