Stage 4

Representatives (Stage 4): Casework

This is a course for experienced NASUWT caseworkers.

By a mixture of simulation, presentation and discussion, participants will deal with a very complex and serious issue on behalf of a fictional member.

In the process, caseworkers will examine the nature of difficult decisions that have to be made, how to use procedures effectively and how to access the Union’s legal services in appropriate cases.

Normally, applicants will have completed Casework (Stage 3) and have significant experience of handling members’ cases. The course usually needs at least three participants to run.

Representatives (Stage 4): Advocacy

Preparing a case can be just the first stage in helping a member. In many circumstances, the case has to be presented and argued before a third party, such as a governing body.

This course will teach, in a very practical way, how to present a case orally, how to argue the case and how to question witnesses.

Normally, applicants will be expected to have completed the Casework (Stage 3) course. The course usually needs at least four participants to run

Representatives (Stage 4): Discrimination Casework

This one-day course will equip caseworkers with practical skills and knowledge for identifying and tackling discrimination cases.  


The course will cover the Union's legal avenue for addressing discrimination casework as well as an overview of discrimination law and how this should be applied in practice.  It includes practical case studies on identifying the different strands of discrimination and the prohibited conduct to be applied in each case.


This is a course for experienced caseworkers as it deals with complex casework situations