Reps  Courses 2018

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Stage 4

Representatives (Stage 1):  Working Together

21st  & 22nd June  2018 AF001RYO18


This two day course equips NASUWT Representatives working in schools and academies covered by School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) with the essential knowledge, skills and confidence needed to carry out the role of trade union representative.  This is a perfect opportunity to meet other colleagues working in similar circumstances and to discuss common problems with a skilled tutor.

This is an ESSENTIAL foundation course for every NASUWT Representative.  Following successful completion of the course, the NASUWT will accredit participants as ‘Workplace Representatives’.


Representatives (Stage 2):  Working Together
21st  & 22nd May 2018 AG001RYO18

This is a course for NASUWT Representatives in all educational settings who have completed Working Together (Stage 1).  

Experienced trade union tutors help participants acquire a deeper understanding of the issues facing teachers, particularly the context of individual and collective issues for NASUWT members.  The course helps participants develop the negotiating, casework-handling and organising skills needed to tackle issues in the modern workplace.


Reps Stage 4: Casework 
14th and 15th June 2018 LC001RYO18

This is a course for experienced NASUWT caseworkers. Using a mixture of simulation, presentation and discussion, participants examine a pay appeal issue on behalf of a fictional member. In the process, caseworkers discuss the nature of difficult decisions that have to be made; how to use procedures effectively; and how to access the Union's legal services appropriately.
Applicants will have already completed Casework (Stage 3) and have experience of handling members' cases. 
Reps Stage 4: Advocacy
4th & 5th July 2018 BD001RYO18

After developing the skills and competencies necessary to represent a member the members' case may have to be presented and argued before a third party, such as a governing body.
This course teaches the practical skills of organising and presenting a case orally; how best to argue the case; and how to effectively question witnesses.
Normally, applicants will be expected to have completed the Casework (Stage 3) course