Regional Non- Rep Courses 2017-18

Supply Teachers Network Day:

17 February 2018 LY001RYO18
1 June 2018 LY002RYO18

NASUWT Supply Teacher Network Days are held in regional/national centres throughout the year. The topics covered in these network days are designed to equip supply teachers with the skills and knowledge to undertake their professional duties. Topics vary between regional and national centres and include subjects such as whiteboard training, behaviour management, ICT skills and assertiveness training. 


Behaviour Management :
7 February 2018 DG001RYO18

This course helps equip members with a range of practical skills to address problematic behavior within the classroom.  Sessions look at how to motivate pupils; the appropriate use of language; understanding and defusing anger; and dealing successfully with violence.  The importance of a whole school approach is the underlying principal in this course and members who wish to develop or refresh their own classroom management skills should attend.


Development Course for Women: 
12 February 2018 BC001RYO18


The NASUWT is actively seeking to improve the participation of under-represented groups in the running of the Union, and specifically encouraging members within traditionally under-represented groups to become Workplace Representatives and branch activists.  Our development courses aim to identify barriers that exist and construct action plans both for members and the Union itself to remove those barriers.

Working Assertively Course: 
28 February & 1 March 2018 FA001RYO18

The course is potentially valuable to everyone and skills acquired on the course are particularly useful to those seeking career progression, those coping with workplace bullying; or those who feel that they are not in control of their working lives.  The course aims to build upon strengths and develop skills to enable confident communication as a basis for personal and professional development and leadership.  It is based upon cognitive behaviour techniques and can help with behaviour management techniques in the classroom.  It is the beginning of a process that can have long-term benefits for the emotional health and professional skills of teachers.  The course is open to all members and starts at 9:30am and finishes at 3:30pm

Voice Care Course: 
17 March 2018 BF001RYO18

This is a half-day session for members starting at 10:00am and finishing at 12:30 with a light lunch.  The tutor for this course is Jonny Hall who is a practising teacher as well as a qualified voice coach.  Jonny has run many sessions for us here at the Regional Centre and his courses are well received.  The session includes a practical workshop which aims to provide you with a greater awareness and control of your public speaking voice, inform on good practise, enables you to use strategies to deal with voice related problems and emphasises the importance of your voice in aspects of behaviour management too.


Mental Health First Aid:
26 & 27 April 2018 DM001RYO18


A practical course for an employee to become a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace - spot early signs, help someone experiencing a problem, provide help on a first aid basis, help stop a mental illness from getting worse, help someone recover faster, guide someone to the right support, and reduce the stigma of mental health problems.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming
13 June 2018        BF003RYO18


Tutored by Jo Chalder-Wood, an NASUWT member and NLP practitioner will lead the workshop which will focus on developing skills we already have as well as learning new ones.  It will begin with an introduction into NLP and then look at how we use it on a day to day basis both at home and in the classroom, around four key areas – change of state, language, perception and disassociation.

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