TUC Digital Lab: Trade Union Activism

TUC Digital Lab

Technology is transforming pretty much every area of our economy and society. Digital is now the mainstream choice for day-to-day interactions, raising expectations and making new choices possible every day.Adapting to this new environment is crucial for any organisation that wants to continue to exist, let alone thrive. The TUC Digital Lab aims to help unions do just that.

A little light reading over coffee for colleagues  interested in the work of the TUC digital transformation programme.  How well is the NASUWT doing on-line?

'Please note that this analysis doesn’t rank how good a website is with regards to design, navigation or content. But what it does show is which unions are being mentioned the most online. Having high Domain Authority, combined with good on-site Search Engine Optimisation, should mean that a union is better able to influence. The unions article or blog will appear higher in search results, and will be more likely to be read by the public and stakeholders.'