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Technology is transforming pretty much every area of our economy and society. Digital is now the mainstream choice for day-to-day interactions, raising expectations and making new choices possible every day.Adapting to this new environment is crucial for any organisation that wants to continue to exist, let alone thrive. The TUC Digital Lab aims to help unions do just that.

Social Media Campaigning

Presentation given to Yorkshire & Humberside NASUWT Regional Conference 2019

Are we Media Savvy ?Presentation by Keith Old

Presentation also delivered to East Midlands NASUWT Reps Training Wednesday 17th June 2020 via Zoom

Workshop Activity

Are we media Savvy?
Powerpoint presentation for Yorkshire and Humberside NASUWT 2019 Regional Conference
workshop final version.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [44.5 MB]
Media Platforms: Facebook and emails: Topic follow up presentations to ' Are we media savvy?'
Facebook and emails: Topic follow up presentations to ' Are we media savvy?'
East Midlands july 1st .pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [13.5 MB]
workshop final version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [52.4 MB]
Social Media images booklet
Recommended photograph sizes for media platforms
Adobe Acrobat document [768.1 KB]
Campaign canvas
Strategic planning document regarding social media campaigning fro mobilisation Lab.
Adobe Acrobat document [57.6 KB]
Social Media Management
NASUWT HQ booklet on social media management
Microsoft Word document [4.8 MB]
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